00Secret Santa

December 14, 2015

Agents were given assignments to place special packages in designated locations. The mission parameters were:

  • The package had to be kept top secret.
  • Agents could only spend a maximum of R20.

Some agents failed their mission. Some were caught (we disavow all knowledge of their actions).

But others achieved their objectives and were suitably rewarded for:

  • Most creative gift
  • Most creative wrapping

 The winning agents are:

Winston John Ho's  Origami Secret Santa

Winston John Ho’s Origami

Agent Winston John Ho’s Origami Secret Santa was voted “Most creative Wrapping”. Winston (part of DDM’s Business Analyst division) spent hours folding the individual pieces to make up the origami sphere. He will be going undercover showing off his other talents (singing, dancing and acting) at an international talent competition in Orlando next year.

Jelly emergency secret santa

Suzaan Hepburn’s Jelly emergency

Agent Suzaan Hepburn’s Emergency jelly gift was voted “the most creative”. Suzaan (part of DDM’s Scrum Master division), discovered the meaning of life years ago but forgot to write it down.

Special mentions:

Ingrid Eckmann’s Mr Tea and Clarice Bouwer’s Robot

Agent Ingrid’s Mr Tea gift did extremely well in both categories.  A senior graphic designer at DDM, she has illustrated several children books in her free time. Agent Clarice is a developer for the DStv Now web division. Her foil robot was extremely detailed, complete with USB ports and she was neck and neck with Winston for most creative wrapping, but ultimately the origami won the day. Her favourite colour is #CC0000, that’s crimson to all you lay-people.

Barbara Botha's Secret Santa Tree and Daniel Odendaal’s prehistoric gift

Barbara Botha’s Secret Santa Tree and Daniel Odendaal’s prehistoric gift

EPG scheduler, Agent Barbara Botha delivered a Secret Santa Tree that did well in the most creative gift category. Her creativity originates from hours spent in her mom’s art and craft store growing up. Agent Daniel Odendaal’s prehistoric USB laptop light also did well in this category and is typical of this HUGE metal head’s aesthetic. He is really into Battery 9, Ramstein, Iron Maiden, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Killswitch Engage and In Flames and his day job as senior graphic designer at DDM.

Rochelle Kerswill’s whisking gift  and Lisa Kolwa Lotto ticket

Rochelle Kerswill’s whisking gift and Lisa Kolwa Lotto ticket

Scrum Master, Agent Rochelle Kerswill is new to the DDM family, but her original whisking gift was noticed for both “most creative wrapping” and “most creative gift”. Hailing from the EPG end of the business, Agent Lisa Kolwa did a Phanda, Pusha, Play with her R20, giving the lucky recipient of her gift a lotto ticket. Unfortunately the lotto ticket was a dud, but proved great inspiration for Lisa who writes songs when she’s sad.  

Other nominated gifts:

Thank you for wit and ingenuity, Agents. 

This message will self-destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2…

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    Congrats guys :) These were all amazing #DDMHolidays

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