DDM encourages action on World Aids Day

December 1, 2011

Today we celebrate World AIDS Day. The DDM team spend much of their days obsessing about the latest technological innovation. There are, however, more important things than gadgets and Internet memes. DDM care even more about people – just look at our awesome team

So, today we’ve taken the time to try and help a cause that’s particularly dear to our hearts and important to Africa: HIV/AIDS.

At DStv, we are commemorating the day by placing two trees at the Magic Centre and Broadcast Centre reception areas, encouraging DStv staff to write a small message of hope on special World AIDS Day cards and hang them on the trees.

You too, however, can make a difference today!

What You Can Do on World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is about so much more than just a global vigil for those suffering with the disease. Although we use the day to reflect on the plight of those with HIV/AIDS, there are opportunities to take real action. DDM consists of a dynamic group of individuals; we feel compelled to encourage people to make a tangible difference.

The first step is education. Despite the disease having been around for over three decades now, there are still a ludicrous number of myths and misconceptions surrounding AIDS, particularly in Africa. If you want to make a difference on World AIDS Day, educate yourself and others on the disease. This not only helps prevent the spread of the AIDS blight, but also helps get rid of the ridiculous stigma often attached to those suffering with the disease.

The second step is raising financial support. Individuals can only do so much to casually educate others and raise awareness. There are a number of institutions dedicated to the systematic education of the public on matters related to HIV/AIDS. These are the people that can reach areas of Africa where misinformation is rife and AIDS-sufferers struggle the most.

Most of these amazing institutions, however, suffer from insufficient support and funding. Volunteer your services and get involved in fund-raising efforts to make a real difference. HIV/AIDS affects over 22 million people in Africa; we at DDM implore you to help stop the spread.

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