DStv Online’s Video on Demand Evolution

December 22, 2012

DStv Online is incredibly proud of the success of their video on demand (VOD) services, DStv On Demand and BoxOffice made clear with trends in Europe and the US – and DStvO have successfully sprinted to the front of the pack in the African space.

The journey to VOD success has been far from straightforward and promises to be just as exciting going forward. We take a look at the current state of our VOD service offerings and discuss what the future holds.

Growing Pains and Success

DStvO’s VOD offerings have not been without their teething problems. The DStv Online team, however, look at little hurdles like those encountered as positive signs. Little glitches and imperfections areindicative of our willingness to experiment and innovate. Sometimes experimentation works and sometimes it doesn’t; the key is being dynamic enough to react and adapt to the demands of the market. VOD is an unknown territory in South Africa, so there’s much in the way of trial and error, as we tailor existing models to the unique SA context.

This approach has clearly paid dividends. DStv On Demand and BoxOffice are now up and running smoothly, with an ever-growing user-base. BoxOffice on PVR in particular has been a runaway success, with subscriber and rental numbers far exceeding DStvO’s initial expectations.

Social Media Support

Crucial to the success of DStvO’s VOD services too has been DStv’s online presence, particularly on social media platforms. Having refined service offerings is of little value if there is no customer dialogue and support to augment it. Social media is in many ways the glue that binds the various service offerings together, as users seek an outlet to resolve queries, engage with the products and establish communities around them. Doing this successfully requires painstaking cross-platform coordination and attention to detail – something for which DStvO is renowned.

Facebook and Twitter have become key cogs in the DStvO machine, providing friendly, convenient, all-in-one platforms to service subscriber needs. It also provides another avenue to satisfy the DStvO team’s thirst for innovation, using the latest technology to make the user experience better than ever before.

The Future!

Of course, continued innovation isn’t going to be limited to the online realm. DStvO will continue to evolve, expand and refine its service offerings, slowly bridging the gap between African and overseas markets.

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