Top Shayela: Social TV in effect

July 19, 2011

With the advent of Social Media, discussing your favourite TV show at the water cooler is a thing of the past. Nothing illustrates this best than DStv’s proudly South African show Top Shayela.

Top Shayela | Vuzu | DStv

Top Shayela airs weekly on Vuzu (DStv channel 123) and gives viewers access to the lives of popular South African movers and shakers (such as Loyiso Bala and Bonang Matheba). Every time an episode airs on Vuzu, Twitter becomes abuzz with comments about who bought what and for how much.

The channel encourages its viewers to contribute opinion and with the episodes being made available online, there is no reason for the conversation to stop.


TV and social media

DStv’s Vuzu is certainly pioneering television and the online space. In June 2011 alone, Top Shayela received a total of 20 910 page views. Following a rerun of the show’s debut episode on Monday 11 July at 10:00am, Top Shayela was tweeted about over 50 times – not bad for a show that’s aired outside of the prime time window. This episode also received over 5 498 unique page views on Vuzu’s website.

These stats illustrate how well the Web can complement and serve television content; as well as fuel the conversation around this content. This is ‘social TV’ – a phenomenon which remains largely untapped in South Africa.

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