BoxOffice Review: Barry Hilton

February 24, 2015

By Nicolas Callegari

Barry Hilton – the cousin. This is one funny guy. He’s been on e of my favourite comedians for as long as i can remember, so i naturally jumped at the opportunity to give his new live comedy show a whirl on your behalf to see if it’s worth your hard earned R27. 

Well, the man delivers in truckloads. He combines some of his classic gags with some sharp new material, covering everything from load shedding to taxi drivers, V8 cars and urinating in the garden.
It’s not often I’m brought to absolute tears in fits of laughter but I found myself having to pause on a number of occasions just to gain composure and give the people around me time to stop laughing at me.

Goodness knows we all need a good laugh and I can’t think of anyone in SA better equipped to get your mind off any problems you may have. If you love good South African comedy, Barry knows how to deliver.

The Live Series: Barry Hilton is available on PVR until 23 March 2015 and online until 13 August 2015. 


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