Pinning Down your Next Employee with Pinterest

August 20, 2012

In keeping with all things digital and the ever-evolving realm of social media, it makes sense that business objectives and departments start aligning themselves alongside platforms in the social media sphere. Recruitment has taken to online like a duck to water and we can see this vital segment of successful business delving into social media to find their newest recruits.

With the vast number of social media entities already enticing millions of users, it makes sense to use those numbers to find willing and able professionals. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google Plus have all been used to find eligible employees for applicable roles, but not many recruiters ever think to use Pinterest.



Pinterest is a social media platform that has tickled many a fancy of late, but from a purely aesthetic point of view. Users can pin and share, comment on and like a number of eye-catching pins that can be linked directly back to the Internet source. Users create boards of all their favourite things, from mood boards to aspirational imagery.

Touted as the third largest social media network behind Facebook and Twitter, this pretty platform is a lot more serious than users give it credit for. A few companies are jumping on the bandwagon to use Pinterest to benefit their businesses by posting pins that relate to their line of work… this can be taken one step further; to find future teammates.



An interesting statistic from states that Pinterest users spend far more time pinning their favourite pictures to Pinterest boards than they do networking for business perks and prospective jobs on LinkedIn (1 hour, 17 minutes and 17 minutes respectively). By tying the business networking model of LinkedIn to the aesthetic appeal of Pinterest, recruiters are able to tap into a space where potential employees are likely to be hanging out.

What better avenue to explore when looking for cool ways to reinvent your company’s image? Showcase the working environment, team building events, snippets of interesting projects you’ve been working on and in all probability you’ll be reaching out to graduates, professionals and budding specialists between the ages of 18 and 34 – Pinterest’s age demographic.



Once you’ve created a Pinterest account for your business, you can start by adding a few boards that will highlight the most alluring parts of your company. We mentioned a few ideas above, but you can also do the following:
• Create a board for each employee , complete with photographs, by-lines and an interesting anecdote about each person
• Post pins or pictures that are 100% focussed on emphasising the ethos behind your business. This can be anything from Friday drinks to healthy cafeteria food
• Make sure that you link all pins back to your website or careers page where a full job spec can be obtained
• Find prospective employees and follow their pins and boards in the hopes that they’ll follow you back
• Engage with users if they’re showing interest in your pins or business
• Cater to popular interests while still being true to your brand or business. It’s not difficult to see what’s hot and happening on Pinterest, so try and find a way to incorporate that by binding it with your business
• Use analytics tools that will tell you how effective your boards actually are, Pinreach is a good one to start with

Once you get going on Pinterest, you’ll understand what all the hype is about and will more than likely find your own ways to use it to your advantage. By using this platform, you’re likely to be appealing to smart, Internet savvy, digitally minded people who’re always keen to find out about the latest innovations and advancements in technology. This is the perfect target market and you can trust that if they like what they see, they’ll be spreading it far and wide across the reaches of the web.

Let us know of any other interesting ways you’ve promoted recruitment using Pinterest, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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