YouTube Trying to Clean up their Comments

November 7, 2012

We’ve all taken time to view YouTube videos from time to time – yes, even us busy folk at DStv Online sometimes spend a few minutes watching the latest viral videos – but sometimes it’s the comments that grab our attention more than the video itself. We know it’s not just us. There are some scathing, derogatory and uncalled for comments on some videos, okay… sometimes they are hilarious too, but it seems that YouTube are making moves to create some difficulty for those who are repeat comment offenders.


Name and shame?

As you probably already know, YouTube is a subsidiary of Google who are looking to link YouTube comments to users’ Google+ accounts. They hope that this will ensure that people are more conscious of what they write. Of course, this will never “cure” YouTube of the somewhat filthy comments that can arise, but it will deter many from writing without considering the impact it has on their personal profiles. In addition to the above, this move will also create a stronger link between all the services offered by Google.

The transition has already begun, with a small comment box popping up asking users to start using their full names when using the site. At this point, it is still optional although Google will ask the user for a reason as to why they won’t enter their full name. Users who are acting on behalf of brands and businesses is a response that’s expected, but users can also state that “I’m not sure” or “I’ll decide later”. This has so far only been implemented in the USA, but international roll-out is imminent.


Why would “they” conform?

Apparently “additional venues” are going to be offered to those who make the change willingly. Users will be able to decide which content they’d prefer to have linked to their Google+ accounts as well as what they’d like to remove. The change should make the video-sharing site a lot more professional and could very well entice more businesses and advertisers to make use of the platform.

We’ll have to wait and see… or read what happens next. There will always be those who won’t want to conform. What are your thoughts? Would you be willing to give YouTube your real name?

Our team is very interested to find out what will happen to these characters.

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