Online Gaming Winning Formula Taken from the Classics

December 12, 2012

Online gaming is a huge part of our collective futures with appstores and social networks being flooded with games that encourage users to try latest versions of gaming brilliance. While multiple players are urged to get involved in a single game, playing against each other for fame and glory, games for individuals are just as popular. Statistics released in July 2012 by Statista state that the games category in the Apple iStore is by far the largest, making up 17.62% of total available apps.

There is a separate dimension of existence that sits within the online gaming domain, where geeks and goddesses fight for high scores, reputation and recognition on a daily basis. It’s a competitive space that is equally as driven behind the scenes where the development and creation of each game takes place. Finding a winning formula that sells is down to many contributing factors that fuse to form a seamless experience.

Back in the 1970s and 80s when gaming was an experience afforded only by a select few, Atari were behind games that had user’s eyes glued to Television screens and fingers glued to retro consoles. The likes of Pong, Breakout and Berzerk were firm favourites – probably names that are ringing a softly, tinkling bell in the distant caverns of your memory?


Atari reborn

It wasn’t until recently that those fires of memory were stoked again and computer game fanatics gained access back into the world ofAtari’s Greatest Hits . The definitive games that some of us grew up with have been redeveloped and configured for more current platforms, such as the iPad and iPhone. A classic formula has been revived and with over 6 million downloads in the iStore, there’s no doubt that’s it’s a mix that still works. What could be simpler than the paddle and ball combinations of Breakout? It’s clear, concise and it works and it’s a recipe that has been emulated for many similar releases.

Breakout Boost, Breakout Boost+ and similar titles, Breakeroids and Space Out are all built on the same concept as the original favourite – Breakout, some 36 years later. Bashing bricks with a ball, sprung forth from a paddle doesn’t sound like it would bring gaming joy to millions, but it clearly does! And without further discussion, we‘re off to go and buy Atari’s Greatest Hits collection, challenge each other to multiple games and see who walks out of the office as Breakout champion of the day!


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