The Rise of Digital TV in Africa

August 8, 2011

We at DStv Online love anything that has to do with progress. If it involves technology, we’re even more impressed and we fully support the spread of knowledge and the tools that help us learn. Recently, the Drifta DStv Mobile decoder was released into Kenya byMultiChoice Kenya. On 17 August of this year, the Drifta was unveiled at a function in Nairobi and will now offer Kenyans within the DStv Mobile n network area access to great DStv channels in the genres of sport, music, news, cartoons and general entertainment. We love the fact that DStv is spreading the digital love.

Gradually, the African continent is catching up to the rest of the world in terms of connectivity. The recent addition of an undersea fibre optic cable to Ghana’s shores is bringing them cheaper broadband and with the encouraging growth of Mobile TV in Kenya,all Kenyans are gaining access to the latest technology and media, as well as fantastic DStv online entertainment.

The introduction didn’t come without costs, but these are costs that are happily spent to bring the Kenyan community up to speed with the digital age. Multichoice Kenya has been devoted to this cause for the last 15 years; ensuring that Kenya is connected to the latest in entertainment and technology. The Drifta is compatible with iOSdevices (iPod, iPad, iPod Touch) PCs and Laptops. Select devices running on Blackberry and Android operating systems will be compatible soon

The DStv Mobile Drifta also offers subscriptions with 3 different bouquets to suit all sorts of budgets, making it more accessible to all Kenyans, no matter their stature or earning bracket. Our team is all for making technology available, but keeping it affordable is something that is often overlooked. Not in this case! Great news for Kenyan residents, but also for Africa!

Drifta DStv Mobile decoder

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