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November 12, 2012

It’s become increasingly obvious that online video is making waves within the digital space, as a medium for conveying branding information and campaign specific advertising. There are some interesting statistics that support the validity of online video as well as the effectiveness. Our team loves the way that you can encapsulate emotion, personality, ideas and interactivity within a single video, far easier than you can with a banner advert or via an imagery on a website.


Online video rising to fame

There are a few global statistics that support the rise of online video. Here are the most prominent:
• According to findings by Reuters, YouTube video views have increased by 25% in the last eight months, bringing the figure up to four billion views per day
• The last quarter of 2011 saw a threefold increase in video views on online retail and brand sites when compared to that of the third quarter of the year. This is as according to Invodo Research in January 2012
• Cisco claim that the popularity of online video will increase from making up 30% of Internet traffic to commanding 90% of traffic, by the end of 2013

Online video is being used for both entertainment and education, and advertising is naturally falling into both of those categories. Brands are coming up with extremely creative ways of helping people engage with them. Interactivity is becoming extremely prevalent with online video – you have to ignore the awful YouTube comments that some people post – and these interactions can actually be measured.


Measuring video interaction

Due to the fact that all online video interactions can be measured and reported on, the art of posting content becomes somewhat of a science. This insight can be applied to advertising campaigns and to the creative used in order to enhance the interactions and improve overall engagement.


Setting up a Youtube channel

Setting up your own unique YouTube channel is relatively simple and it’s something that can be done in minutes. You can also customise your space and make it 100% relevant to your brand or business. Marketing via video content is relatively affordable and it’s a lucrative avenue to explore, especially if you manage pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns via AdWords. The video version has recently moved out of beta phase and offers a simple interface for you to promote your business.

Think about how often you click on a YouTube link without even thinking about what you’re about to do. Millions of people do the same thing every day… that’s a whole load of eyeballs that could potentially be watching your video next.

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