Google Pays Hacker $60,000 for Uncovering Chrome Bug

November 27, 2012

Getting paid to hack is not something you’d consider legal, but with Google’s “Chromium Security Rewards Program”, hackers can channel their skills into something that’s not only legal, but profitable too.

Since 2010, a “bug bounty” has been offered by Google to those who can pick up potential threats or problems within the Google Chrome browser. They stepped it up a notch or two with the introduction of their “Pwnium” contest in February of this year; an undertaking that sought to uncover “fully functional exploits” in exchange for large sums of cash. Two hackers walked away with a sum of $60,000 each, one of those hackers was a teenager named “Pinkie Pie”.

Yes, we said a teenager… kids these days! Our team thought we were paving the way of the digital landscape, but when teenagers are hacking Google products it makes us feel somewhat inferior.



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