Marketing for a Multiple Screen Environment

December 10, 2012

People no longer use one device or screen to get the information they’re used to receiving. Whether Facebook updates, email, or simply scouring the web, we generally use a multitude of devices to get the information we need and we sometimes move from one device to the other for the same purposes. As an example, you’re checking your updates on Facebook via your mobile while on the road (something you should never be doing unless you’re a passenger). When you arrive at your destination, you log on via your laptop or desktop to continue that online experience.


Information consumption

Ask anyone of our team members and they’ll no doubt tell you that they regularly use at least two devices – mobile and laptop or desktop – as well as perhaps an iPad or other similar tablet. While that’s quite standard, a lot of people have also taken to using two screens at any one give time. You’re watching a movie on Television and can’t remember where you’ve seen the lead actor before. Bring out the mobile or laptop to Google his name and background information and you’re using two screens simultaneously.


How does this affect marketing efforts in Africa

So you’re planning your marketing efforts for 2013? While the above does change the way in which you approach your market based on the fact that you’re dealing with different devices, sizes and market types, it also means a lot in terms of how you construct your campaigns based on the fact that your consumers might be watching Television at the same time as using your iPad application.

Perhaps in the past, you developed separate campaigns for yourmobile market , your Television viewers and those who access information via their laptops and desktops. It makes logical sense that you would do this, but with the manner in which information is now being absorbed, you might want to start looking at how you can integrate the campaigns irrespective of medium.

If you consider the above example and how your consumer might be watching your programme on Television and exploring your app for background information, there is a definite amount of leverage the one can have on the other. An integrated approach can result in a stronger consumer reaction if you offer a unique experience on each device, with each one tying into the next with an intricately devised campaign thread. Rather than directing the same message to your consumers from separate devices, a path from one to the other can be created so that the message moves and evolves with your consumer.

The key here is to anticipate where your consumer will be when he or she wants the information you’re sharing. By devising a path from mobile to iPad to Television, connecting the user each step of the way, you’re creating an holistic experience that will keep your user engaged no matter what device he or she is connecting from.

Is this something you already consider when developing your marketing strategies? How do you incorporate all devices into an all-encompassing campaign?

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