Things You Never Knew You Could Do Online

February 19, 2013

The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that serve billions of users across the globe. It is a virtual playground offering something for everyone, from technical tutorials to humorous cat gifs and just about every other thing you could possibly imagine. Below is a list of things you might not have been aware were possible to do online.


Find your ring size

This is a particularly good one for those men, wanting to do a surprise proposal. All you need is a credit card or driver’s license from your wallet and one of your lady’s rings that you snuck out of her jewellery box.  Try it for yourself.


Measure your pupillary distance

When shopping for new glasses online, you’ll obviously need a prescription at hand. What some optometrists fail to include on these scripts, though, is something called pupillary distance. This is the distance between your pupils and it is important to ensure your lenses don’t cause strain on your eyes.

All you need for this simple test is a credit card and an enabled webcam. Give it a go.


Find a seat map for any flight

SeatGuru makes it possible (and simple) to search for the ideal seat on whichever airline and whichever flight you happen to be on.


Hire your own PA

Anyone can have their very own personal assistant with the helpers atTaskRabbit . These pre-screened worker “bunnies” will do even the most mundane of tasks for you, from gift shopping to pet sitting, house cleaning, furniture assembling and much more. This particular service is currently only available in the US.


Take MIT Physics courses for free

You too can be like the nerds of the Big Bang Theory television series, for free. MIT’s Department of Physics offers many of their courses, including notes, lectures, assignments and answers, and all of this for no more than the price you pay for your Internet data.


Visit previous versions of a website

Since 1996, over 150 billion web pages have been documented, and with The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, you can see older versions of almost any website you can think of. Track a site’s progression and see how they’ve improved over the years. Interestingly, has not changed too drastically since its inception.

At DStv Online we love the Internet and all the joy it offers, especially the lolcats. Do you know of any other interesting things possible with the Internet? Let us know.



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