DDM User Experience Lab

March 8, 2013

Comprehensive multimedia evaluation lab with eye tracking

DDM is committed to improving the intuitiveness of all DStv products and services. We strive for creative problem solving grounded in a thorough understanding of how people interact with technology. That is precisely why we have created the User Experience Lab.


The Lab Low Down

The newly established lab, based at our Randburg offices , is one of the most modern user experience facilities in Africa. The state-of-the-art equipment allows for 360 degree observation of the user experience, enabling extensive insights into behavioural patterns.


The lab, which was designed to simulate a comfortable home environment rather than a harsh “test” centre that may influence results. This allows our participants to remain relaxed and engaged. It also allows us the flexibility to cater to anything from one-on-one tests and interviews to focus groups and creative workshops.


The lab is fully equipped with specialised technology including two roof-mounted cameras and an eye tracker for in-depth analysis of user attention. One-way glass enables live observation of participants, and a high resolution video stream extends observation to our boardroom.

This technology, combined with our expertise in user experience, enables the team to continually innovate to satisfy our customers’ actual needs.

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