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April 15, 2013

It’s tough keeping up with innovation and progression, which is why you always need to have the best people on hand to keep your business ahead of the game. We’ve got some of the digital realm’s most incredible minds on board already and we’re actively assisting people to own exceptional roles within our team.

Our learning and development system offer a number of valuable leadership programmes that allow bright young people to become the future’s leaders. By giving these employees the tools they need in order to excel, we’re developing a culture of brilliant people who are invested in DDM and empowered to make a difference through their work.


Stepping up to management programme graduates

We’re incredibly proud of our team members who’ve recently graduated from the Stepping Up To Management Programme. Each individual has gone above and beyond to complete the course with flying colours and they all deserve special mention:

Lauren Dewhirst – Media Manager who graduated with distinction
Lee Davies – Portfolio Manager at DStv Connect and Original Production who graduated at the top of her class
Kerry Wright – Senior Web Editor
Douglas Lendrum – Football Sub-Editor
Rivaj Sing – Solutions Architect
Leonard Ray Khan – Product Owner at SuperSport Games
Alice da Silva – EPG Specialist
Leanne Rencken – Senior Web Editor
Timoteo da Silva – EPG Specialist who earned a distinction

Congratulations to you all! You make the entire DDM family so very proud!


Various programmes on offer:

Each programme has a special purpose to drive learning in focussed areas that speak to various roles within the business spectrum.

Core Programmes
Accelerator – a blend of concepts and tools that offers new managers a learning experience that helps them work with people, delegate, establish and cultivate networks, organise tasks within jobs and work towards becoming effective overall
Wings – supports individuals in middle management positions by offering them the tools they need to deliver excellence in their roles

Leadership Development Programmes
Transitional Programmes – designed to support leaders in honing their abilities
Catalyst – this is aimed at high-potential employees and it enhances the thinking involved with systems, decision making and presentation. It blends learning and mentorship programmes that help expose the attendees to the various dynamics within the business
Certification Programmes – exposes participants to the realities of business management in order to prepare them for leadership roles. It enables participants to grow their confidence and emphasise their functional competencies

By investing in our team, we’re investing in our business. With the results displayed by our Stepping Up To Management graduates, we’re more than convinced that this system can only benefit us all.

From top to bottom: Douglas, Lauren, Lee, Leonard, Timoteo, Alice, and Kerry.

Doug Lendrum grad_lauren LEE leonard_grad Tim[2]  Alice  Kerry


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