Our Designers As Avatars

April 24, 2013


Chantelle Matthews

Chantelle is a commercial designer for DStv Online who has a penchant for dragons and anything out of the ordinary. This far from standard girl would be silver if she had to choose a colour, because it’s a cool colour for robots – is she trying to tell us something?

If she were a vegetable, she’d be a Dragon fruit and she used to have a crush on Sinbad due to his display of mischief, wit and adventurous spirit. Then there’s the hunky Li Shang from Mulan and Throttle from Biker Mice from Mars – but the latter was all to do with his motorbike.

Chantelle’s award for the end of 2012 was the Yin and Yang Award, for being half of the first pair of conjoined twins with her bestie, Steph. Her emoticon would be :-P.



Richard Graham

Richard Graham is our Art Director. If he had to be a vegetable, he’d be a pumpkin because it’s smashing… no guesses as to his preferred flavour of music.

His cartoon crushes include Leela from Futurama, because he knows he’d have her undivided attention. Of course, there’s always the possibility that she could look away, in which case he’d certainly make time for Wilma Flintstone.

As far as operating systems go, he’s an iOS man all the way although he does have much respect for Android too. His award for the end of 2012 was International Man of Mystery because he’s absolutely groovy, baby, and if he were an emoticon, he’d have to be 8-# (that’s the Zombie emoticon, for those who aren’t in the know).



Erika Fourie

Erika is one of our Web Designers for Channels. She’d also be a fruit if she were a vegetable – a dragon fruit, to be precise – because it’s pretty, colourful and yummy. She’s neither an iOS nor an Android person, but just wants a platform that can support decent apps.

Her cartoon crush is Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid. He nearly died rescuing his dog and he had to put up with a lot of crap from other people, to be honest.

She received the Morning Ninja Award at the end of 2012, for always managing to pitch up fashionably late, but just in time for her first meeting. As an emoticon, she would have to be a :D.



Leanne Scott

One of’s Web Designers, Leanne describes herself as a continental lentil. The reason being, if a pea can get away with being a vegetable, then so can a lentil… and she’d be a yellowish-brown one.

Roger Rabbit is her cartoon crush because he had a little bit of experience in the ways of the world. As a well-rounded kind of person, she doesn’t favour neither iOS nor Android and her emoticon would be the :-/.

At the end of 2012, Leanne received the Silent but Violent Award. As obscure as this may sound, it’s actually commendable as she is the quietest among the designers, but the one who handles the loudest “bully” with the greatest of ease.



Stephanie Lun

A Junior Web Designer at SuperSport, Steph also received the Yin and Yang Award at the end of 2012, for being the other half of the conjoined twins – Chantelle and Steph.

If Stephanie were a fruit, she’d be a cherry because they’re small and cute like her, and she’d be turquoise if she were a colour as it’s her favourite. She’d have a mad fling with Mako from Legend of Korra. He’s super good looking and he can also bend fire… yes, that’s right… bend fire.

Neither an iOS nor an Android person, but just a little of both, Steph would be a ^_^ if she were an emoticon.



Brian Chewe

Brian is one of our TV Designers and he’s the winner of the Oliver Twist Award for 2012. The “please sir, can I have some more” award fell into his lap because of his habit of always looking for more work. We’ll make sure we have a little extra work lying around for him in future.



Seef Oosthuizen

One of our Web Designers in VOD, Seef would choose to be an aubergine if he were a vegetable, quite simply, because the word has a nice ring to it.

There are two things he’s certain of: that Ashley Williams from Mass Effect would be his cartoon crush and that Android rocks over iOS.

Seef received the Imperial Stormtrooper Award at the end of 2012, for being so in love with the Stormtrooper on his desk (and for defeating an army of Sith Lords). If he were an emoticon, he’d be a m/.



Craig Webster

One of our UX Designers, Craig would be spinach because spinach has panache and as a colour, would be green because green goes so well with spinach.

In terms of cartoon crushes, Sheena Fujibayashi from tales of Symphonia would be the one; she does her fair share of ass-kicking but has incredible shyness and understandable insecurities.

Another fan of open source, Craig favours Android over iOS, even though it’s not 100% open… it’s a good start. Craig received the Dramatic Beaver Award at the end of 2012 for having several DIN DIN DIN moments in a day. As an emoticon, Craig would be =? (we think that might have been a makeshift emoticon).




Rochani is our Graphical Team Lead and she’d most definitely be a strawberry if she were a fruit – pink and filled with sweet stuff that works well with dessert. She chooses Superman as her cartoon crush because she likes manly men, but she’s always had a thing for the name Pikachu. Rochani is an Android girl for sure, especially since a half eaten apple is lame when comparing it to a cute robot. She also appreciates convenience that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

This lady won the Lady Gaga Award at the end of 2012 for making use of any opportunity to dress up. If she were an emoticon, she’d be a <3 or perhaps something a little more dramatic, a *�/*.




A SuperSport Web Designer, Mariska would be an artichoke if she were a vegetable, simply because she loves them. She would also be the dreamy colour pearl if she were a colour.

Her cartoon crush is Ken – I’m sure many young girls are with her on this one – even though Barbie would be absolutely shattered by the idea.

This fence-sitter prefers to take a little of both iOS and Android, the best of both worlds, she calls it. She won herself The C Award at the end of 2012, for doing everything in her power to get her electricity and Internet working to meet impossible deadlines. If Mariska were an emoticon, she’d be the simple :).




Another UX Designer, Joe, would be a green banana if he were a fruit. He doesn’t want to name a cartoon crush because he prefers real life and avoids his fantasy life – perhaps he’s hiding a secret shame?

Joe is an iOS man, without a doubt as he feels that the products are unique while satisfying their target user group. He likes the fact that he never has to think with iOS.

As an emoticon, Joe would most definitely be a thumbs up – we’re just not sure how to make that emoticon in text.



Alicia Sheppard

Alicia is also a UX Designer and she’d be a strawberry if she were a fruit. Reason being? They’re bright red, delicious and they basically bring the party to any fruit salad.

Her cartoon crush would be Aladdin, so that she could ride his magic carpet and get songs sung to her. She’s not fussy when it comes to the debate between Android and iOS, as long as the technology works.

If she were an emoticon? She’d be a smiley face with crazy eyes, because she’s a happy person with a little smidgen of cray cray in her.

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